Total System Solutions:                                                                                                                

Adsyst clients require us to offer scalable solutions. Some require a simple, PLC and HMI in an ICA control panel, but more and more of our activities are moving towards a competitive ‘Total System Solution’. By this we mean one single order to Adsyst or one of our tailored partnerships / alliances to undertake a complete design, build and deliver of the total EICA service. This normally consists of design, build and install of all LV Assemblies, all on-site electrical installation services and all of the ICA control system software for PLC’s, HMI’s, SCADA and telemetry. In these circumstances our CDM experience and overall project management skills enable a competitive, innovative solution to be delivered on-time and within budget.


 Functional Design Specifications                                                                                                   

Varying complexity FDS documents are regularly supplied by Adsyst. These can include User Requirement Specifications (URS), Detailed Control Philosophy’s, Software Design Specifications, PLC / HMI / SCADA / NETWORK FDS documents, system architecture diagrams and implementation strategies, plans and drawings.


  Application Hardware & Software:                                                                                                

Adsyst have the experience, knowledge and integration skills to inter-link our clients preferred hardware and software components into one fully functional system. We have created systems of many combinations, for example – Rockwell, with Siemens, Siemens with Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc with Schnieder etc. Our client preferences are integrated into existing legacy networks or new applications through the skillful selection of the right hardware or software product. We then test, and re-test to ensure a robust system is reliably delivered.



Commissioning phases often include i/o and loop testing, profibus / Ethernet node configurations and cable tests, instrument configuration and calibration, system dry and wet phases of software functional testing and site acceptance testing (SAT’s). Commissioning services also encompass – 30 day trials, hand over activities, training and being on 24/7 call out.


 Supply of Low Voltage (LV) Assemblies:                                                                                       

Adsyst design, build, test and install LV Assemblies of varying sizes and complexity. These include intelligent assemblies (e.g devicenet, profibus, or Ethernet based), conventional MCC’s, stand-alone ICA control panels, network node boxes, UPS systems, solar-powered solutions. We also regularly modify existing assets on-site, either by extending features or capacity, or by replacing old legacy PLC’s, HMI’s, Telemetry or SCADA components with minimal downtime.


 Contract / Embedded Engineering Resource:                                                                               

Adsyst have often been asked to supply our own engineering resources to top-up or extend our clients own resources. We believe ‘business is a partnership’ and welcome the opportunity to embed our own engineers within our clients location on an ‘as required basis’, or pre-agreed contract terms.


  System Support / Maintenance Contracts:                                                                                   

ADSYST offer a number of support contracts as part of our complete package. These include scalable solutions from weekday telephone support, to 24hour, 7 days per week, support. Some include preventative maintenance activities, others just require support. Please view Support Contracts for more information.


 Consultancy & Initial Design Services:                                                                                          

Adsyst are often used at the initial design phase of a project. We provide, fixed competitive prices for undertaking consultancy services, for example – on-site surveys, conceptual design studies, asset analysis, and user requirement specification services. These initial orders are then off-set against the final system project price, and experience has taught us that clients who utilise us at this early opportunity end up with much greater innovation and added-value realisation ,reducing the overall whole life project cost.


 On-site Electrical Installations:                                                                                                       

Electrical Installation activities are regularly provided as part of our total system solutions. We have many project examples where we have partnered to include extensive power cabling, signal cabling, network cabling, and LV Assembly installation services as part of our own project managed activities. This requires us to supply P&ID diagrams, cable schedules, single line diagrams, G.A drawings, and other detailed design and as built construction diagrams.


 Intelligent MCC’s:                                                                                                                          

Intelligent LV assemblies are proving to be a growing market requirement. Adsyst have, with our partners, designed, built, tested, and implemented many large and small IAMCC solutions, using a variety of fieldbus networks – devicenet, profibus, and Ethernet being the most common. IAMCC’s benefit from a reduced overall footprint, and when whole life costs are considered IAMCC’s represent a significant cost saving.


 Detailed Hardware & Software Module Testing & Validation:                                                       

A successful strategy here at Adsyst is to undertake early module tests, for hardware, or software components to be repeated throughout the overall system. As an example of this strategy, Adsyst create a “Master Project” for each of our key clients. These master projects contain generic ‘device’ code / modules all pre-tested and developed to client specific standards. Modules include PLC code, simulation code, alarm code, data / event logging, HMI objects, SCADA objects. An example device might be a double acting valve, a VSD, a Soft Start, a compressor etc. The master project is then used to ‘give birth’ to 90% of our client projects, thereby controlling quality and minimising development time and cost.